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My dear trader Friend,

I know you entered the forex market thinking that it is where you can make huge amount of cash and acheive the financial independence you always wanted. Financial Independence that will allow you to spend more time with our family or take a long vacation you always wanted. 

I feel it is not just you, this expectation is something that almost all traders in the world
carry!  I mean comm'on.. after all, forex market is one of the biggest in the world. 

Isn't it?

So, with this mindset, a newbie trader enters the market, spends some money reading trading strategies, joining memberships and doing the whole nine yards.

Then he opens a trading account and start placing trades left and right expecting to become rich very soon.

But Hey! What is this happenning?

But you know what, this is when my trader friend will have a "Reality Check". This is when  he will be surrounded by all these questions like

"Why are all his trades closing in loss? "

"Why the moment he enters a trade, the market starts moving in opposite direction?"

"Why forex trading doesn't appear to be as simple as he initially thought?"

But let me tell you. This is all natural. 

Rahul How can you say that?

I can say that because I have been down that road. I have seen my trades after trades hit stop loss leaving my trading account balance getting eaten in front of me!

It happenned months after months after months!

But then I thought that it is time to find what's happenning wrong in my forex trades! 

I knew I have to do some level of detailed analysis and come out with reasons why my trades are not going per my expectations.

Forex Candlestick Charts

And I found the reason!!

Yes, after a careful analysis that lasted entire week, I figured out the reason why the trades were not yielding profits for me -

"My timing of entrying and Exiting the trades was not right"

You see, my analysis of the market used to be correct. I used to know whether the market is in uptrend or down trend and how strong the trend is. 

I used to check big picture and whole lot of things.

But surprisingly, in lot of my trades my timing of opening the market used to be when the trend was about to end or  just started reversing.

Even more annoying was to find that in a lot of my winning trades, I used to suffer losses just because I did not know when to get out of the market.

I knew there has to be some technical indicator that can tell me when to precisely enter or when to exit the forex trades.

And I found one such exact technical indicator!

Here Enters the mighty "Forex Candlesticks"

I ran into Forex Candlestick. The one reliable indicator that can tell whole lot of things about the forex market everytime, precisely!

Initially, when i started learning about candlesticks, I used to think, how can this candle shaped stick help me so much with my trading issues?

But once I started learning and importantly, started using forex candlesticks, I started asking myself -  "Why was I trading without using this indicator earlier?"

  • After using candlesticks, I clearly started noticing the trend continuation patterns, reversal patterns. 
  • I also started to notice when to enter the trade, when to close the trade and also when to stay away from the market!

So, net - net, Forex Candlesticks alone, started making huge difference in my trading results.

Here is what people have said about my previous products 

"Outstanding Results, Impressed by Followup Contacts"

"I am new to Forex, after successfully trading the eminis for several years. Rather than use the multiple, complex indicators that I use on the eminis, I am thrilled that the elegant simplicity of your method has  yielded astounding results! I am further impressed by your follow-up contacts, and your ongoing video releases. 

It is rare to find such dedicated support, even for "methods" that are much more costly than yours. Thank you for making your method available to us at such a  reasonable price and for your support service. It has been wonderful to have this foray into the forex world be immediately profitable with your method. "

Again, THANK YOU! "

Patty B,

From Florida

And I am sure it will for you too!

If you meet any of the following criteria, then you must learn forex candlesticks -

  • If you ever wanted to know a technical indicator that can tell you the past and the future of the market
  • If you are struggling to define clear entry and exit indicators
  • If you wanted to know if the trend is strong or is weak so that you make intelligent decisions regarding your next trade?
  • If you wanted to find clear cut indications telling if you should stay in the trade 
    or is it the time to get out of the market.

Like I said if you are a trader who is struggling in any of the above aspects, then Candlestick is the indicator that you are looking for

So, to help you out, please allow me to introduce you to -

!!Forex Candlestick Magic!!

Forex Candlesticks

The one and only source you would ever need to learn candlesticks and start making money from forex market.

A comprehensive manual accompanied with instructional videos that will give you the necessary and accurate knowledge of forex candlestick that you can use over and over again to make  huge set of repeatable profits from forex trading.

Let me put it this way - 

If you want to make serious money from forex market, this manual is must for you.

I would like you to do a simple assignment

Here is something that I would like you to try -

  • I would like you to look to pick up any trading chart, any currency pair, any time frame and simply spend 10-15 min analysing it.
  • Next, just spend 30-45 min reading Forex Candlestick magic understanding the different patterns, reading my special notes and getting yourself equipped with this powerful indicator.
  • Once you have gone through this manual, just pick up the same chart and start analysing it again.

Do you see what just happenned?

Let me venture a guess - I am sure, this time your whole analysis would have changed and you would have started seeing the things much more clearer!

Congratulations friend! You have just raised your skill of trading forex to a whole new level and you are now in the elite group of 10% traders who make huge money from the forex market!

Here is what people have said about my previous products 

"1st Product that helped my everyday trading"

"Easy to learn extremelly effective method for day trading the forex market helped me achieve extreme profits. It's the first product that really helped my everyday trading. All the thanks goes to you Rahul! "

Rok Pisek

Forex Candlestick magic is comprehensive, No fluff guide that presents the clear facts and tricks related to candlesticks which will make you ready to take your trading to next level today itself.

All that you need to learn is covered in manual, with amazing details and examples!

Forex Candlestick pattern

Here is what you'll learn in Forex Candlestick magic -

  • The truth behind candlesticks and how best to use them.

  • The Candlestick patterns that you should be always careful of.
  • How to use candlesticks to find where to enter the trade and where to get out of the market.

  • How to clearly identify if the market is about to reverse or is going to continue trending.

  • Learn the patterns which are the most accurate of all patterns and how best to use them.

  • How to become master of candlestick charts without overwhelming yourself.

  • 5 Key points that you must know whehn using candlesticks! 

  • The 1 mistake that most of the traders make when using candlesticks and which you must avoid at all cost to get edge over others!

  • The most realiable Candlestick patterns that you must know that can help you make money day in and day out!

  • And....Some hidden secrets about candlesticks that you can learn only after years of experience in trading!

All this and a whole lot more!

Here is what people have said about my previous products 

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The thing that impressed me most about Forex Profit Farm is the system how easy it is to use. And the way you have put it, you have really made it simple for all the readers.

It is a must have system for anyone who wants to make money in forex market"

Aditi G
New Jersey

"Potential toearn 100+ pips per trading session"

"Rahul...Congratulations on developing an extremely effective method for day trading the forex markets.  As an author in the Forex arena, I've had the chance to review most of the products out there, and there have been very, very few I've endorsed.  

Your Forex Profit Farm method consistently returned substantial profits under both back and forward testing.  Anyone who is looking for a trading method that is super-simple to learn and execute, and has the potential to earn 100+ pips per trading session, look no farther than Forex Profit Farm."

J.J. "Jeff" Glenellis

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!!Now you have a choice to make!!

We all as traders know how lucrative the forex market is and how much money is there on the table every single day.

So, now you have a choice to make -

Either you can leave all this money on the table by ignoring the candlesticks and pending it for some other day. Seriously!


Or, you can choose to take the 1st step towards mastering the forex candlestick indicator that is guaranteed to make a huge difference in your trades and put you in elite group of traders!

Rahul, why should I believe your such huge claims?

Your being suspicious is quite understandable. 

But you need to believe me because I am speaking "the truth".

And once you learn and start using the candlesticks, I am sure your all these doubts will simply go away.

But, to help you further, here is what I saying - "Once you start using techniques mentioned in Forex candlestick Magic, you will become a whole different kind of trader. But if you are not satisfied by even a little bit,  I am offering you a money back guarantee!

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So, with this kind of strong 60 Day guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Now, let me make this offer even more Irresistable!


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But I won't charge this much!

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I am ready to let you grab a copy of Forex Candlestick magic for only


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But let me mention it again - This discount is only for a limited time. I can raise the price anytime I want to $127 (may be as soon as 250 copies get sold out)

So, don't let this opportunity pass!!


Forex Candlestick Magic

YES, I am READY to take action now and learn your proven forex Candlestick Techniques and ready to move into big league.

I know I have been given a 60 day money back Guarantee. Within this time I can ask for a refund.

I also understand that I will receive free premier course upgrades as and when they happen.

Forex Candlestick Magic

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